Spring is finally here! Or how Delft goes crazy when the nice weather arrives.

Hello everyone! It finally happened, after months of typical Dutch weather spring came rushing and in a matter of days Holland got flooded by flowers! It’s really amazing how much the weather changes our mood, I had never noticed it that much in Spain but these past two weeks everyone just seems happier here and it’s quite a thing to experience, I love it! I’m of course no exception to this, so my artsy vein popped up last week after studying all afternoon, here’s a shot I took walking home from the library in the middle of the campus:

As the weather was so nice this weekend, I joined a session of cardio training outside with Dommi and Leo two of my teammates from Force Elektro. We needed a hill to practice uphill sprinting and the only place in Delft in which you can do that is the Library! There are also some benches down near the Aula that are ideal to do box jumping and high rise pushups. Who said the Library was just for studying? Here’s us completely destroyed after a full hour of cardio under the Sun!

Also these past two weeks we have had the exam period for the third quarter (remember the academic years in Delft are divided into 4 quarters). Luckily for me I just had one exam to study for, Applied Finite Elements (the one in Utrecht). The exam was yesterday and I can say It went quite well, so now I only have 3 more classes to worry about!

Anyways guys, even though I can feel the sun rays kissing my skin and all of the Campus smells like flowers, It’s time for me to get back to studying, I’ll see you on the next post!


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