My Sports Life at TU Delft!

Hello everyone! It’s a new semester so that means new blog posts! Now that I successfully survived exam season ( luckily I passed all of my courses) I can start making new posts about the more relaxing parts of living in Delft, today I want to talk about sports and my sport life here!

In the University there’s teams for every sport you can think of and there probably is teams for sports you didn’t even know existed! This is what happened to me  when I came here to Delft. During the Introduction Program I met the people from Force Elektro the Ultimate Frisbee team of TU Delft.

Now If you happen to be like me, you probably don’t know what Ultimate is, but worry not, we’re all here to learn 😉 Ultimate Frisbee is a fast-paced, non-contact team sport. It involves strategy, speed, skills and a lot of running.

The objective of the game is to catch the frisbee in the opponent’s endzone. However, the player in possession of the disc may not walk or hold the disk for longer than ten seconds. It’s their job to throw the disc to their teammates. If the frisbee falls on the ground or leaves the playing field, a turnover occurs and the other team gains possession of the disc. Now it’s their turn to try and catch the disc in their opponent’s endzone. This in theory sounds pretty vanilla, but believe me, It’s one of the most intense sports I’ve ever played.

So I decided to join the team and I’ve already been playing for six months or so. In the winter months we played the Indoor season, which is played inside basketball courts (It gets way too cold to play outside) and It was a ton of fun. Competition days are on Sundays, and we usually travel by train all together to a city in The Netherlands and spend the whole day playing, it’s exhausting but totally worth it, this for example was at the end of one of our competition days :

It’s not easy to tell but we were destroyed by that point!

Anyways, I’m gonna have to stop now If I don’t wanna run late to another one of my lectures! There’s still more things I want to talk about related to Sports here in Delft but that’ll be in another post. See you soon!