Post Exams Trip: Belgium!

Hey there everyone! Yes, I made it out alive of the exam season, both physically and psychologically, so in order to celebrate such feat of strength, I decided to go on a short trip to Belgium with my partner Oscar on the free week after exams. Our itinerary was Brussels-Ghent-Bruges so the day after my last exam, I decided to wake up at 6:00 AM (genius, I know) and take a Flixbus to Brussels at 7:00 AM to meet up there with Oscar, who took a flight from Madrid.

Every time we go to a new city, we always do some sort of Free Tour so after leaving our bags at the hotel that’s exactly what we did. We met our guide at the Groete Markt\Gran Place and from there we saw all the main attractions of the city center, the Guildhouses, the Manekken Pis, the Saint Michel and Sain Gudule Cathedral, Delirium and Les Galeries Royales. Brussels definitely impressed me because it was not at all what I expected it to be, some parts of the city were just as I thought the “Capital” of Europe would be like, big buildings, statues, parks etc. but some others were really bleak and looked rather abandoned for a lack of a better word, and all this zones were right next to each other!

Anyways, in our 2nd day we decided to visit the European Parliament, that thing we’re constantly hearing things about in the news but always sounds rather distant and mysterious. I have to say I’m really glad we decided to visit though because I loved every part of it. Next to the big Parliament building next to which I took a couple of pictures, there’s the Parlamentarium, a place dedicated to visitors which explains the history of the European Union in a huge exposition which is really worth a visit. They have audioguides in all the official languages of the European Union!

After Brussels, we spent one day visiting Ghent and another one visiting Bruges, both are really lovely cities and they reminded me a lot of The Netherlands, they just seem to have big rivers rather than canals all over the city. After the trip, we took one train from Bruges to Delft and spent here the remaining days of the free post exams week.