Happy New Year and brace yourselves, exam season is coming!

Hello everyone! I hope all of you had a Christmas break as nice as mine! I flew back to Madrid to be with my family during the holidays and I had a blast! Every year, I go with my friends on a walk around the center to look at the Christmas lights, which are laid out throughout Madrid’s central districts to light up the city for the occasion. They usually look like this:

Even though it can get quite cold, the sights are totally worth it. To me it doesn’t quite feel like Christmas until I’ve seen the Christmas lights in Madrid! Now that all the holidays are over though, I came back to Delft to study for the exams that I’m taking on January. In the Applied Mathematics MSc in your first semester you usually do 3 Common Core classes plus 1 or 2 electives from your track. In my case I am doing Martingales, Brownian Motion and Stochastic calculus, Discrete Optimization and Scientific Computing as Common Core subjects and then Risk Analysis and Financial Markets Theory as electives of my track (which is Financial Engineering).


In most of this classes, there’s a part of the grade that consists on work done during the semester such as handing in exercises/assignments done at homeĀ  or short exams done in class. This accounts for 40% of the total grade generally and the rest can be achieved in the written exams for which I am studying right now. In order to be able to do all exams at TU Delft, you have to enroll a couple weeks prior through Osiris, the webpage in which grades are also recorded at the end of each exam season. It’s extremely important to remember to do this, if you don’t enroll for an exam, you may not be allowed to do it or there may not even be enough space for you in the exam hall to do it! This last piece however is very rare in the Applied Mathematics MSc though, as we’re very few students luckily!

Anyways with all of this said, I’m going back to studying! (I know, shocker) Wish me luck in the coming months!

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