White Christmas in Delft!

I know everyone was waiting for this post so here it comes my first post about the weather! This post however is on a positive note, because yesterday it SNOWED in Delft! A lot of my friends who have lived here longer tell me that this is their first nice snow day in 4 years or so, so we obviously went out and had a great snow day! Here are some pictures I took while going on a stroll around Campus:

The Bus Stop at the entrance of  EWI (Electrical Engineering, Math and Comp Sci Building)

A selfie in front of a white Mekelweg (the park in the middle of Campus)

The sports fields where we play Ultimate completely white and untouched. ( I’m preparing a special post about my sports life here in Delft!) My German friends also taught me how to make a huge snowball by rolling it, in Madrid it snows in some winters but never so much that you can make a ball as big as we did. So with that recently acquired knowledge this is what I came up with:

That thing weighted like a truck, we couldn’t push it anymore! All in all it was a great day, we were really lucky that it was a Sunday and we were all free. Today, the snow is still going strong, we have a forecast of snowstorm for the whole day and several weather alerts have been issued around the country.

(Yes, we’re right on the red zone)

It’s advised not to leave your house but If you must go outside please wear warm clothes and be careful with the ice! Snow can be VERY slippery and dangerous when it melts and then freezes. Even though I ran out of milk I know that I at least am going to sit at home until this whole thing is over, I don’t want to slip with my bike or have any accident of that nature! Stay safe and enjoy the snow!