The Blessing of Facebook Groups. First Steps for a new Student in Delft.

Once arrived in Delft, buying a bike should definitely be every new student’s first step. With a bike, shopping for groceries becomes a walk in the park (more like a bike ride hehe) and I don’t know about you guys, but I enjoy eating from time to time.

If you want to buy a brand new one, there are many shops in the city center and a Decathlon in The Hague which is easily reachable by tram. For many of us however, being on a student budget, a second-hand bike will be the best option. There is a huge market for bikes in Delft as anywhere in The Netherlands, and the best place to catch good deals is on Facebook, mainly two sites.

The default menu on Facebook is a good place to buy general second-hand items. But your best option will without a doubt be this group.

*Student* Bike Sale in Delft

The University has a big amount of students finishing their studies every so often, so a lot of people are constantly buying and selling bikes, usually you message the buyer, meet up with them somewhere in Delft, go for a test run and decide to buy it or not! I would recommend buying a bike already with a bike bag as such

They’re extremely useful for carrying things around, which you will be doing a lot of on your first days in Delft! (and then all the groceries afterwards). Usually for 90€ you’ll get a nice Dutch bike.

Once you’ve gotten yourself a nice sturdy bike, getting the most basic cooking utensils will be the next challenge. This is specially urgent if your house, like mine was, is completely empty upon your arrival but fear not, as again Facebook is there to help us save some euros. Even though there’s a very nice Ikea within walking distance from campus in Delft (I went with a friend on my very first day here, they have a restaurant in which you can get lunch if you don’t feel like cooking on your first day) you can buy the majority of household items such as pans, pots, plates, glasses and cutlery on another group, this time the group’s name is

*Student* sale in Delft !

(As you can probably already tell we like to keep it simple with the group names haha) The same as with bikes, the big influx of students moving out and into Delft makes this group a great place to find deals.

There are also many other groups which will be of your interest, specially the Student Housing which will help you If you decided not to rent through DUWO, and the general TU Delft Admits in which you can ask questions/share thoughts/ make friends beforehand with the rest of the students that will be enrolling with you!