Spring is finally here! Or how Delft goes crazy when the nice weather arrives.

Hello everyone! It finally happened, after months of typical Dutch weather spring came rushing and in a matter of days Holland got flooded by flowers! It’s really amazing how much the weather changes our mood, I had never noticed it that much in Spain but these past two weeks everyone just seems happier here and it’s quite a thing to experience, I love it! I’m of course no exception to this, so my artsy vein popped up last week after studying all afternoon, here’s a shot I took walking home from the library in the middle of the campus:

As the weather was so nice this weekend, I joined a session of cardio training outside with Dommi and Leo two of my teammates from Force Elektro. We needed a hill to practice uphill sprinting and the only place in Delft in which you can do that is the Library! There are also some benches down near the Aula that are ideal to do box jumping and high rise pushups. Who said the Library was just for studying? Here’s us completely destroyed after a full hour of cardio under the Sun!

Also these past two weeks we have had the exam period for the third quarter (remember the academic years in Delft are divided into 4 quarters). Luckily for me I just had one exam to study for, Applied Finite Elements (the one in Utrecht). The exam was yesterday and I can say It went quite well, so now I only have 3 more classes to worry about!

Anyways guys, even though I can feel the sun rays kissing my skin and all of the Campus smells like flowers, It’s time for me to get back to studying, I’ll see you on the next post!


Lectures in Utrecht- VBlog!

Hey there everyone! This semester as one of my electives I’m taking a class in Utrecht, which is made possible by the Mastermath. program. This is a joint program done among many Universities in The Netherlands so that Mathematics students can attend lectures in Universities other than their own. They pay for your travel costs so it’s a great way to get out of Delft a little! There’s a big selection of courses from which you can choose and I’m doing Applied Finite Elements. The trip there is quite lengthy, takes me around 1h 30min all together and it involves 2 trains and 1 bus but if the weather is right it’s really lovely. Here’s my VBlog, enjoy!


YouTube Preview Image


My Sports Life at TU Delft!

Hello everyone! It’s a new semester so that means new blog posts! Now that I successfully survived exam season ( luckily I passed all of my courses) I can start making new posts about the more relaxing parts of living in Delft, today I want to talk about sports and my sport life here!

In the University there’s teams for every sport you can think of and there probably is teams for sports you didn’t even know existed! This is what happened to me  when I came here to Delft. During the Introduction Program I met the people from Force Elektro the Ultimate Frisbee team of TU Delft.

Now If you happen to be like me, you probably don’t know what Ultimate is, but worry not, we’re all here to learn 😉 Ultimate Frisbee is a fast-paced, non-contact team sport. It involves strategy, speed, skills and a lot of running.

The objective of the game is to catch the frisbee in the opponent’s endzone. However, the player in possession of the disc may not walk or hold the disk for longer than ten seconds. It’s their job to throw the disc to their teammates. If the frisbee falls on the ground or leaves the playing field, a turnover occurs and the other team gains possession of the disc. Now it’s their turn to try and catch the disc in their opponent’s endzone. This in theory sounds pretty vanilla, but believe me, It’s one of the most intense sports I’ve ever played.

So I decided to join the team and I’ve already been playing for six months or so. In the winter months we played the Indoor season, which is played inside basketball courts (It gets way too cold to play outside) and It was a ton of fun. Competition days are on Sundays, and we usually travel by train all together to a city in The Netherlands and spend the whole day playing, it’s exhausting but totally worth it, this for example was at the end of one of our competition days :

It’s not easy to tell but we were destroyed by that point!

Anyways, I’m gonna have to stop now If I don’t wanna run late to another one of my lectures! There’s still more things I want to talk about related to Sports here in Delft but that’ll be in another post. See you soon!

Post Exams Trip: Belgium!

Hey there everyone! Yes, I made it out alive of the exam season, both physically and psychologically, so in order to celebrate such feat of strength, I decided to go on a short trip to Belgium with my partner Oscar on the free week after exams. Our itinerary was Brussels-Ghent-Bruges so the day after my last exam, I decided to wake up at 6:00 AM (genius, I know) and take a Flixbus to Brussels at 7:00 AM to meet up there with Oscar, who took a flight from Madrid.

Every time we go to a new city, we always do some sort of Free Tour so after leaving our bags at the hotel that’s exactly what we did. We met our guide at the Groete Markt\Gran Place and from there we saw all the main attractions of the city center, the Guildhouses, the Manekken Pis, the Saint Michel and Sain Gudule Cathedral, Delirium and Les Galeries Royales. Brussels definitely impressed me because it was not at all what I expected it to be, some parts of the city were just as I thought the “Capital” of Europe would be like, big buildings, statues, parks etc. but some others were really bleak and looked rather abandoned for a lack of a better word, and all this zones were right next to each other!

Anyways, in our 2nd day we decided to visit the European Parliament, that thing we’re constantly hearing things about in the news but always sounds rather distant and mysterious. I have to say I’m really glad we decided to visit though because I loved every part of it. Next to the big Parliament building next to which I took a couple of pictures, there’s the Parlamentarium, a place dedicated to visitors which explains the history of the European Union in a huge exposition which is really worth a visit. They have audioguides in all the official languages of the European Union!

After Brussels, we spent one day visiting Ghent and another one visiting Bruges, both are really lovely cities and they reminded me a lot of The Netherlands, they just seem to have big rivers rather than canals all over the city. After the trip, we took one train from Bruges to Delft and spent here the remaining days of the free post exams week.

TUDelft Exams Season Survival Guide!

Hello everyone! As I already commented on my last post, I’m on the middle of the exam season here in Delft, definitely one of the toughest parts of being a student and as such, I’ve decided to give some advice/encouragement for the forecoming generations of students that may happen to read this blog.

First things first, as an international student, you probably live by yourself or with some roommates and that means that you have to feed yourself. During the rest of the year this is obviously not a big issue, but during exam season all the stress couple up with the lack of time can result in some extremely questionable meal choices. In order to avoid this, what I did was buy a big set of tupperwares and follow a very strict meal-prep schedule. I normally spend Sunday mornings cooking and I cook 2 or 3 meals for the whole week. My recommendation is to prepare a big vegetable stew and some rice/spaghetti. (I’m planning on doing soon a post about student cooking, bear with me!) This way, you can forget about cooking for the whole week and you can carry the tupperwares with you to the library/studying place of your choice in order to minimize the lunch break. I also recommend to buy ziplock bags to carry fruits/ bread as eating just one thing for lunch can be quite disheartnening otherwise.

Now that we have the staying alive part covered, here are my tricks to prepare for an exam. In the EEMCS Faculty, there is an student organization called Christiaan Huygens (in honor of the famous Dutch mathematician) that keeps an exam archive  of past years exams, some of them coming even with solutions. Trying to solve them by yourself without notes and writing down the weak points you think you may have with the material is a great exercise in order to test how truly prepared you are. Also the teachers generally give a couple of question lectures/sessions in their offices in which you can drop by and ask things that might confuse or that you haven’t truly understood.

Lastly I would like to talk about the best places to study here in Campus. Everybody knows the TU Delft library and how amazing it is, but I’ve found it to be too crowded for my taste, so I set out to find other spots to study. My two favorite ones are first the 2nd and 3rd floors of the EWI building where there are plenty of tables where you can comfortably study (the 2nd is near the canteen and the 3rd is a very big silent room) and second the new Mathematics Building  (we’re moving from the big red tower!) where there are plenty tables with very good lightning and is generally silent.

Well guys this is all from my part, I wish you all a lot of luck with your current studies as I’m going back to studying in order to face the last couple of exams that I still have!

Happy New Year and brace yourselves, exam season is coming!

Hello everyone! I hope all of you had a Christmas break as nice as mine! I flew back to Madrid to be with my family during the holidays and I had a blast! Every year, I go with my friends on a walk around the center to look at the Christmas lights, which are laid out throughout Madrid’s central districts to light up the city for the occasion. They usually look like this:

Even though it can get quite cold, the sights are totally worth it. To me it doesn’t quite feel like Christmas until I’ve seen the Christmas lights in Madrid! Now that all the holidays are over though, I came back to Delft to study for the exams that I’m taking on January. In the Applied Mathematics MSc in your first semester you usually do 3 Common Core classes plus 1 or 2 electives from your track. In my case I am doing Martingales, Brownian Motion and Stochastic calculus, Discrete Optimization and Scientific Computing as Common Core subjects and then Risk Analysis and Financial Markets Theory as electives of my track (which is Financial Engineering).


In most of this classes, there’s a part of the grade that consists on work done during the semester such as handing in exercises/assignments done at home  or short exams done in class. This accounts for 40% of the total grade generally and the rest can be achieved in the written exams for which I am studying right now. In order to be able to do all exams at TU Delft, you have to enroll a couple weeks prior through Osiris, the webpage in which grades are also recorded at the end of each exam season. It’s extremely important to remember to do this, if you don’t enroll for an exam, you may not be allowed to do it or there may not even be enough space for you in the exam hall to do it! This last piece however is very rare in the Applied Mathematics MSc though, as we’re very few students luckily!

Anyways with all of this said, I’m going back to studying! (I know, shocker) Wish me luck in the coming months!

White Christmas in Delft!

I know everyone was waiting for this post so here it comes my first post about the weather! This post however is on a positive note, because yesterday it SNOWED in Delft! A lot of my friends who have lived here longer tell me that this is their first nice snow day in 4 years or so, so we obviously went out and had a great snow day! Here are some pictures I took while going on a stroll around Campus:

The Bus Stop at the entrance of  EWI (Electrical Engineering, Math and Comp Sci Building)

A selfie in front of a white Mekelweg (the park in the middle of Campus)

The sports fields where we play Ultimate completely white and untouched. ( I’m preparing a special post about my sports life here in Delft!) My German friends also taught me how to make a huge snowball by rolling it, in Madrid it snows in some winters but never so much that you can make a ball as big as we did. So with that recently acquired knowledge this is what I came up with:

That thing weighted like a truck, we couldn’t push it anymore! All in all it was a great day, we were really lucky that it was a Sunday and we were all free. Today, the snow is still going strong, we have a forecast of snowstorm for the whole day and several weather alerts have been issued around the country.

(Yes, we’re right on the red zone)

It’s advised not to leave your house but If you must go outside please wear warm clothes and be careful with the ice! Snow can be VERY slippery and dangerous when it melts and then freezes. Even though I ran out of milk I know that I at least am going to sit at home until this whole thing is over, I don’t want to slip with my bike or have any accident of that nature! Stay safe and enjoy the snow!


The Blessing of Facebook Groups. First Steps for a new Student in Delft.

Once arrived in Delft, buying a bike should definitely be every new student’s first step. With a bike, shopping for groceries becomes a walk in the park (more like a bike ride hehe) and I don’t know about you guys, but I enjoy eating from time to time.

If you want to buy a brand new one, there are many shops in the city center and a Decathlon in The Hague which is easily reachable by tram. For many of us however, being on a student budget, a second-hand bike will be the best option. There is a huge market for bikes in Delft as anywhere in The Netherlands, and the best place to catch good deals is on Facebook, mainly two sites.

The default menu on Facebook is a good place to buy general second-hand items. But your best option will without a doubt be this group.

*Student* Bike Sale in Delft

The University has a big amount of students finishing their studies every so often, so a lot of people are constantly buying and selling bikes, usually you message the buyer, meet up with them somewhere in Delft, go for a test run and decide to buy it or not! I would recommend buying a bike already with a bike bag as such

They’re extremely useful for carrying things around, which you will be doing a lot of on your first days in Delft! (and then all the groceries afterwards). Usually for 90€ you’ll get a nice Dutch bike.

Once you’ve gotten yourself a nice sturdy bike, getting the most basic cooking utensils will be the next challenge. This is specially urgent if your house, like mine was, is completely empty upon your arrival but fear not, as again Facebook is there to help us save some euros. Even though there’s a very nice Ikea within walking distance from campus in Delft (I went with a friend on my very first day here, they have a restaurant in which you can get lunch if you don’t feel like cooking on your first day) you can buy the majority of household items such as pans, pots, plates, glasses and cutlery on another group, this time the group’s name is

*Student* sale in Delft !

(As you can probably already tell we like to keep it simple with the group names haha) The same as with bikes, the big influx of students moving out and into Delft makes this group a great place to find deals.

There are also many other groups which will be of your interest, specially the Student Housing which will help you If you decided not to rent through DUWO, and the general TU Delft Admits in which you can ask questions/share thoughts/ make friends beforehand with the rest of the students that will be enrolling with you!

Delft, here I come!

Even though I’ve already spent two months here, I still remember my first day as if it was yesterday! Even though the day I had to catch my flight, we had around 40ºC in Madrid, I went to the airport wearing long pants and a jacket (unthinkable in Madrid in the summer) because I already knew what I was getting myself into. For my first flight ever to the Netherlands, I chose a Ryanair flight that landed in Eindhoven. Normally to fly to Delft you have two or three options, you can fly to Amsterdam’s Airport, Schiphol which is the biggest airport in the Netherlands and is around 1h away by train, you can fly to Eindhoven, which is 2h and 20min away by train, or if you’re extremely lucky you can fly to Rotterdam’s Airport which is just 20 min away by bus. In my case I chose Eindhoven, because flights on the summer are pretty expensive most of the time and Ryanair is by far the cheapest option if you’re flying from Madrid. So after my 2h flight, there I was, in Eindhoven’s Airport with 3 huge bags and a lot of dreams waiting to become true.

The first thing you have to do when you get to Delft, is make it to the Welcome Desk in the Aula. For me it was quite a challenge, as it took me around 3 hours to get from Eindhoven to Delft, as that day maintenance works were happening on the rails, and I made it to Delft station at 20:00. I knew the Welcome Desk closed at around 21:00 so I practically took the first bus I saw leave the station!

Thankfully I made it on time and got handed the keys to my new house and a bunch of welcoming gifts, including some that really saved my dinner that day. Two coaches in charge of the Introductory Program that was about to happen in the two following weeks, helped me find my house (which was extremely close to the Aula) and helped get my bags upstairs. After one super exhausting days of catching cars, buses, trains and planes I had finally made to my new home. After unpacking my bags and making my bed for the first time (If you rent your house with DUWO, some things will be waiting for you when you arrive, like a bed with sheets, a table, chairs and a couple closets) I realized that my new kitchen was completely empty and even though I had gotten some instant noodles from the people at the Aula I had nothing to cook them with! At this realization, I decided that I was more exhausted than hungry, so I decided to call it a day and go to bed with an empty stomach.

The next day I woke up super early (around 6:00 which I never do) and went right away to the supermarket, but that’s enough of a story for the next post. See you there!!